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FLIP the Gratitude Switch is a talk based off the groundbreaking book by the same name. Kevin teaches the simple 4-Part FLIP Formula that has been proven to increase joy, improve life fulfillment, and massively amplify contentment in the workplace. This talk is GUARANTEED to change lives, and will shift the culture of your school, your company, or your congregation.
Have you ever wondered if a single suggestion could shift an entire culture inside of one hour? This talk will deliver the catalyst that does that exact thing. Kevin shares the most straightforward and easy notion that is guaranteed to have an immediate impact of your organization’s culture, and a trickle down effect that will equally benefit your customers without waiting.
The power to be “The One” resides inside of each employee, each team member, and each person. This talk fosters tremendous creativity and productivity while delivering the 3 ways to think differently, the 3 ways to act differently, and the single phrase that is guaranteed to create game changing results by teaching each person how to become “the one”.
Kevin teaches your audience how small individual; daily choices are responsible for results. Whether in sales, in customer service, in product development, or in personal relationships, Kevin demonstrates how long-term, powerful results are created inside of moments. Kevin teaches what to do inside those individual moments that will make all the difference.
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(Includes 2 Chapters of the book + 2 hours of the audio book)

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