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FLIP the Gratitude Switch

This powerful book is the ultimate guide on how to create real happiness in your life, through finding, cultivating, and activating gratitude no matter what your life circumstances may be... and to do it in a way that will change the trajectory of your life.  

This book will show you how to make gratitude something you DO not just something you FEEL, and how to change your life quickly, simply and permanently as a result.

Hal Elrod says, "This is the definitive 'gratitude how-to guide,' a timeless classic... and it's a book that the world has needed for a long time."

All it takes is a single FLIP...that single moment when you decide that you want to stop thinking about the life you should be living and ACTUALLY START LIVING IT! This highly anticipated new book will show you that the life you want is a lot closer than you think. It's not what happens to us that defines and shapes our lives - it's how we CHOOSE to react to the things that come our way. 

You Decide...

 There is only one person who gets to decide how happy and contented you feel, how meaningful your relationships are, how much control you have over your life, and how much success you have... and it's you!

Do you want to create success out of failure?

Do you want to feel hopeful about the future?

Do you want your relationships to grow and thrive?

Do you want to live an abundant life no matter what?

Do you want to find the hope embedded in despair?

Then NOW is the time...

to stop focusing on the things that happen TO YOU and start being thankful IN YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES, whatever they may be. It doesn't matter where you are right now or where you've been. You can begin re-writing your story immediately - and guarantee it will have a happy ending - simply by FLIPping the Gratitude Switch with the simple 4-step FLIP Formula!

Learn the simple 4-step Formula that will change the trajectory of your life, and the one secret that will make gratitude much more than an emotion that you feel from time to time.
"I have found that FLIPping the Gratitude Switch has been really transformative in regards to my postpartum depression. I use the Gratitude Switch when I start to feel myself descending in the downward spiral of depression and it helps me regain clarity and control. It has been helping me rewire my brain so that I can feel joy and be the best possible mom to my kids."

-Melissa L., Stay-at-Home Mom
Praise For
FLIP The Gratitude Switch

"The topic of this book might just be the most important one of all in terms of living a productive, joyous, and happy life. In this groundbreaking book, the author has provided us with a formula that absolutely guarantees the mastering of this-important trait. As one who has read countless books on person development - and learned tons from many of them - I rank this book as one of the most important ever! Buy a copy of this book for everyone you care about; it’ll be the greatest gift you can give them. Learn these principles, teach them to your children, and teach them to the world.”

-Bob Burg; Co-author of The Go-Giver

“I believe that Kevin has written the definitive 'gratitude how-to guide,' a timeless classic that is crucial to maximizing the quality of your life, the quality of your relationships, the growth of your business... and it’s a book that the world has needed for a long time.”

-Hal Elrod; Author of The Miracle Morning

“As a Ghostwriter, I’ve written a lot of books (like, a lot), and I’ve never had one that’s even come CLOSE to changing my life in the way that Kevin’s has. You can ask my husband, my parents, and my kids… I’m a changed woman thanks to this book. And I’ll always be grateful for Kevin and for the opportunity to work on this book that he poured his soul into.”

-Jennifer Lill Brown, Ghostwriter, Author, Freelance Writer, Book Guru

“Kevin Clayson has given the world one of the simplest and most powerful ways to change those obstacles in to opportunities with FLIP the Gratitude Switch. Everyone needs to read this book."”

-Greg S. Reid; Author - Think And Grow Rich Series

"FLIP The Gratitude Switch is simply a MASTERPIECE! This is a book that every person should read and internalize. I've read many books and I expect this will become one of those books that goes down in history as a must read. What Kevin shares will help you change your life and see everything through a new and exciting lens. It will put you on the path to happiness and success with a simple formula that anyone can use. When you've finished the book, share it with your family and co-workers and help them experience the same transformation you'll experience!"

-Rob Shallenberger; CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, Former F-16 Pilot

“The principle of gratitude is quickly gaining support in the psychological literature as the starting point for every life improvement. Kevin Clayson understands this from a personal perspective in a way that is not only psychologically sound and accurate, but also refreshingly authentic and immediately applicable. Pay attention! He's reading the instructions to you. FLIP The Gratitude Switch is a quick peek into your own mind and something you can do today that will change the trajectory of every aspect of life.”

-Paul H. Jenkins, Ph. D.; Author of Positivity Psychologist

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