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Who Is This Kevin Clayson Guy?

Kevin is an international professional speaker who has shared his simple formula for unlimited joy and fulfillment with everyone from elementary school students to business leaders. 

Kevin is one of the Founders and Owners of DFY (Done For You Real Estate USA), a multi-million dollar real estate investment company that he and his partners officially founded in early 2007, Kevin has been an integral part of growing Strongbrook from its humble beginnings. 

As one of DFY's primary trainers and educators, he has developed and created much of the company’s coaching and mentoring curriculum, and he has instrumentally assisted with the development of the company’s corporate vision, strategy, and products, and is largely responsible for its nationally renowned and admired company culture. 

As a seasoned, skilled, and nationally acclaimed professional speaker and Emcee, Kevin has spoken to thousands of Middle School and High School students and is also a highly requested business and corporate speaker, and has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the personal development, speaking, coaching, business, and author world.

Kevin is the author of FLIPping the Gratitude Switch and has co-authored two books in the Entrepreneur on Fire series, and has been featured alongside such notable contributors as New York Times Bestselling author of the 4 Hour Workweek Timothy Ferriss, and alongside ABC Shark Tank Business and Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran.

The Transition

Early in 2015 Kevin started pulling back from his typical day to day duties with his company, and began writing the book that he always refers to as "his life's work."

Kevin began waking up daily at 4 a.m. to create the time he needed to work on his book and message, while still attempting to balance much of his traveling, and speaking duties for Strongbrook during his typical work days.

After completing the book in late 2015, Kevin began speaking about and teaching FLIPping the Gratitude Switch on a very regular basis. This message has been delivered to large corporations, church groups, small businesses, rehab and recovery centers, middle schools, high schools, and a whole variety of events, podcasts, radio and tv interviews.

FLIPping the Gratitude Switch

FLIPping the Gratitude Switch was born out of necessity in 2012. 

Kevin had reached a fairly dark place professionally and emotionally. As he sought a way to combat the depression that began to slowly creep in, he was reminded of a speaker he heard once who spoke about gratitude as if it was more than just merely saying "thank you." Kevin began a ferocious search thinking that maybe there was something to this gratitude thing that could change his life.

As Kevin searched, he had trouble finding a "how-to" guide. There was no instruction manual that taught you how to really cultivate, activate and put gratitude in to effective and regular use. 

So Kevin wrote it...

The Movement Begins

Kevin found lots of sources saying how powerful gratitude could be, and lots of scientific research proving how life-altering gratitude could be, but there was no book that taught you how to get there .Kevin took his years of research, and practical application, and poured it in to his book. Kevin now spends his life showing people the simple 4-step Formula he discovered, and that he has affectionately named "FLIPping the Gratitude Switch.Kevin took his years of research, and practical application, and poured it in to his book. 

The Family Man

Kevin lives in Utah with his adorable family.

Kevin has been married to his incredible wife for eleven years, and they have 3 gorgeous children ranging in age from 2 to 7-years-old.

Kevin always says, "The most important work we will ever do will be inside the four walls of our home." 

Kevin and his wife have taken FLIPping the Gratitude Switch and made it an integral piece of how they teach and interact with their children. Kevin also always says, "No matter what may become of me or the book, I knew that I needed to write it for my children. If one principle from that book can help even one of my children be a little more happy, at any point in their life, then all the time, blood, sweat, tears, and money... all of it... will be worth it 1 million times over."
"A year ago I was frustrated and downtrodden. Kevin Clayson introduced me to #gratifuel and really helped me FLIP the switch. My switch is forever flipped and I'm sharing that message with the burn victims I spend time with!  
Thank you Kevin, I owe you so much!"
 - Lauren B, Firefighter
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