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Private (1-on-1) Coaching with Kevin Clayson is an intensive, high level coaching experience designed to help an individual maximize their potential and take their levels of success (both personally or professionally) beyond what they’ve ever experienced in the past. Kevin rarely does personal coaching but is willing to on rare occasion. If you would like to be considered for personal coaching please click the button below.

Coaching With Kev

In the last decade, Kevin has personally coached over 2,000 individuals to achieve new levels of success and fulfillment. Kevin also helps clients make FLIPping the Gratitude Switch a constant and permanent part of their life which is guaranteed to increase their success and happiness levels, and allow them to completely take control of their life, their results, and their level of life fulfillment.

Leveraging Kevin's background as a business owner, an entrepreneur, one of the Founders of a multi-million dollar real estate, financial, and personal development company, a published author, an International Keynote speaker, the Founder and owner of an official 401(c)3 Non-Profit, a marathon runner, a frequent guest on radio and podcasts, and a happily married husband and father of three, Kevin's proven track record includes helping clients to:

-Significantly increase their income

-Become a top performer in their field 

-Start a business 

-Create a memorable and impactful brand

-Create a powerful company culture

-Know how to hire the right types of people

-Write a book

-Increase energy 

-Improve their happiness, contentment, and confidence

-Take back control of their life and overcome limiting beliefs

-Learn how to create, start, and grow their speaking business

-Take their network marketing business to the next level

-Improve relationships with spouses, significant others, and children

-And much MUCH MORE!!

"In one conversation Kevin totally changed my perspective on the direction I am going and opened the door to some huge possibilities. Thank you!!"
Mike Driggers, Jr
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 “I work full time and have 3 kids ages 9, 7 and 1.5 years. Life can get complicated and stressful, as it does for everyone, from work deadlines, long commutes, kids homework/ school responsibilities, baby duties, supporting a marriage, home chores, etc. Patience can get thin and voices can get loud. I was generally happy, but sometimes wanted to be anywhere except for where I was. Kevin helped teach me how to enjoy the journey and focus on trying to live life in the “now”! No one can make you happy, you need to find it inside yourself and peace will follow.” - Amanda D.
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