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"Throughout my many years as a school counselor, I have worked with many presenters, and 
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Why is Kevin Clayson the Chief Officer of Awesome?...
International Keynote Speaker, Kevin Clayson, known as The Chief Officer of Awesome, will provide your group with a once-in-a-lifetime, powerful, entertaining, and motivational experience that is guaranteed to produce lasting, and REAL results.Kevin's incredibly high energy, is perfectly balanced and blended with laugh out loud comedy, and inspiration that will have your audience tearing up in more ways than one. Kevin's message is guaranteed to inspire your people through stories of real life experiences as a husband, a father, a multi-million dollar business owner and entrepreneur and the world's ONLY Chief Officer of Awesome!
Finding Happiness... 
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FLIPping the Gratitude Switch is way more than a book, it's a way to take every one of life's many frustrations in stride, and turn them each into happiness fuel. With this quick and simple 4-step formula you will never have to have a "bad day" again. This formula gives YOU back control, and puts YOU back in the driver's seat of your life. You will learn that all you need is four easy steps to increase your happiness, accelerate your success, and change the trajectory of your life... and all it takes is one little FLIP...
Business Owner
Kevin Co-Founded a real estate investment company in 2008 known as DFY (Done For You Real Estate USA) that has now been successfully redefining their customers retirement plans with real estate investments for more than 10 years. To date, DFY customer's results include:

Over 3500 hundred investment homes purchased, over 2200 homes actively managed For DFY Clients, over $75,000,000 in combined client equity growth, over $150,000,000 Collected in Residual income, over $750,000 a month collected in Net proceeds from real estate, and over $400,000,000 in Total Value of assets acquired by DFY Clients.

Kevin's Most Popular Talks
FLIP the Gratitude Switch is a talk based off the ground-breaking book by the same name. Kevin teaches the simple 4-Part FLIP Formula that has been proven to increase joy, improve life fulfillment, and massively amplify contentment in the workplace. This talk is GUARANTEED to change lives, and will shift the culture of your school, your company, or your congregation.
Have you ever wondered if a single suggestion could shift an entire culture inside of one hour? This talk will deliver the catalyst that does that exact thing. Kevin shares the most straightforward and easy notion that is guaranteed to have an immediate impact of your organization’s culture, and a trickle down effect that will equally benefit your customers without waiting.
The world, pop-culture, etc. defines greatness as wealth, fame, social media following, massive accomplishments or accolades, but is that true greatness? True greatness is defined by something different. True greatness can be achieved in our schools, in our homes, in our places of employment, and can be achieved every single day through small and simple acts of kindness. 
Kevin teaches your audience how small individual; daily choices are responsible for results. Whether in sales, in customer service, in product development, or in personal relationships, Kevin demonstrates how long-term, powerful results are created inside of moments. Kevin teaches what to do inside those individual moments that will make all the difference.

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