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What Others Are Saying After Hearing Kevin Speak...

"There are speakers and then there are SPEAKERS. Kevin fits into the latter category. He brings such infectious and powerful energy to every engagement he appears in. Kevin is a man that has been gifted with a message that is sincere, impactful and most importantly, one that he lives out with full integrity". 

- Dr. Jason Klop, Doctor and Podcaster

Kevin absolutely rocked our world! Even though I've known him for years, watching him teach my group of entrepreneurs was magnificent! Even though it was my event, several attendees told me that his portion was their favorite. Kevin brings incredible amounts of energy and inspiration that will make any event planner or organizer look like a rock star.

-Chris Miles, Founder and President of Money Ripples

"Kevin Clayson is the ultimate motivational speaker! He is sharp, entertaining, and relatable! He delivers a powerful message on serving people, not expecting anything in return, and an attitude of gratitude that changes your entire life perspective! Our team left feeling energized, empowered, and educated after hearing from Kevin! He keeps you wanting more. Our team is so grateful we had the chance to hear from him! The Chief officer of AWESOME is the perfect title for Kevin Clayson!"

-Courtney Watkins, Hair and Makeup Artist, Level V Executive Consultant for Rodan+Fields

“Kevin Earle Clayson is easily one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers that I have ever heard.  He is a true giver and is always aware of and cares for his audiences.  I have seen Kevin in action many times and I am always wowed!  It isn't enough to have Kevin come to your group just once.  He is the type of individual that you will want to put on your schedule again and again!”

-Stephen Michael Miller, Co-Founder of Strongbrook

“Kevin Clayson is easily one of the most inspiring souls I have ever encountered! His passion for helping others to experience the best possible life experience is evident, consistent, and real. He has definitely turned up my awareness of how important it is to be grateful in all of our moments. When he speaks he lights up the room and leaves you wanting more. Yup... I've gotta say, being exposed to this man has absolutely added to my life and business in a hugely powerful way!!”

-Lola Thompson, Business Owner and Screen Writer

"Watching Kevin live in action is an unforgettable experience. Kevin is a unique mix of hilarious and enlightening. He keeps you on the edge of your seat with crazy antics, while also expanding your mind and touching your heart with incredibly valuable and useful insights into living more powerfully and abundantly. If you're looking for entertainment backed by tons of substance, Kevin's your go-to guy."

-Stephen Palmer, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Kevin is the embodiment of epic awesomeness. His humble, raw, authentic message is delivered in such a way that will make you laugh, cry, dance, laugh even harder, then suddenly truly connect with yourself and realize, at your core, what you are grateful for. Kevin's unique way of shining such a brilliant light on even the most subtle things in life is aw inspiring. In my own life health struggles, I've learned from Kevin that a simple flip of a switch can impact my entire day. And now my entire life!” 

- Kristen Alexander, Mother and Business Owner

“Kevin has the unique ability to present in a way that everyone can understand and makes you come alive! You lose track of time when you listen to him because it’s an inspiring experience!”

-Joel "Stew" Stewart, Actor/Model and Mentor

“Kevin is a dynamic, powerful, and authentic speaker. The first time I heard him speak his simple but profound message really made a difference in my life. Kevin has a way of connecting with and inspiring you in a life changing way. He is full of energy and so much fun to be in the same room with. His genuine love for life and people make him an amazing presenter and mentor. I love his message and so does my family. My mom has printed his simple FLIP formula and has it all around her house and even takes it on trips for her teenagers! They all love it. Thank you Kevin, you are changing lives!”

- Jennifer P., Mother and Independent Sales Rep

Kevin Clayson is one of the most powerful, impactful and entertaining speakers I've ever seen. Watching Kevin do what he does is like watching Picasso paint the Starry Night. I highly recommend Kevin for any organization, school, or group of any size. You don't pay Kevin to come speak to your audience, you invest in your audience's success, and that investment will pay absolutely unquantifiable dividends. I know, I watched it in real life!

-Gary Norris, 7 Figure Network Marketing Earner, Rebel Entrepreneur

"Throughout my many years as a school counselor, I have worked with many presenters and Kevin was among the best we have had. We had roughly 500 middle school students attend his presentation, which could be a daunting prospect for most presenters. I was highly impressed with his ability to not only present his important message but also to be able to engage such a large group. Finding the critical balance that it takes to be fun enough for the kids to want to pay attention while delivering a powerful message is so difficult for presenters, and he was able to do it effortlessly. I am grateful to Kevin and the time and effort he put into making a positive impact on my student's lives. His message is full of universal concepts that are helpful for everyone, including the teachers and counselors that heard his message too."

- LuAnn Powell, School Counselor

"Inspiring! Kevin Clayson took the stage with a boundless energy that had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to learn. I can’t wait to put what he teaches into practice!"

-Christa B., Mother and Managing Director of a Performing Arts Center

"Kevin is an amazing speaker and his message is inspiring! FLIPping the Gratitude Switch is a MUST for everyone!"

- Larry Berg, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

"My Momma heart is so grateful that my daughters were able to learn from the compassionate, dynamic, and funny guy that Kevin is!"

-Stephanie L, Mother and Artist

"I know that I am going to try and hit on many of Kevin's ideas for years to come. I am a health teacher and frequently talk about self-esteem. How come adults when we were younger never shared these life lessons with us?"

-Rob I., High School Teacher

"Kevin somehow just knew how to talk to us students and connect with us in the perfect way. He has changed me for the better."

-Annabelle L, High School Student

"Kevin has such a positive attitude and he is SO full of energy!"

-Nancy N.

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