Church Groups - Non-profits - LDS Events
Want Me To Waive My Speaking Fee?...
If You Are a Church Group... 
Or Associated With a Non-Profit... 
then it's easy... invest in a few books for your group (at a massive discount of course)... 
pay for my travel (if outside of Utah), and the rest is on me!
Non-Profit Groups and Faith Based Groups
If you are a school with a Hope Squad, a faith based organization, a recovery center with people who need the blessing of hope, or an LDS Stake, Ward, or group that needs a speaker to inspire, and make your audience laugh, then I have wonderful news for you. I often waive my speaking fee for schools with Hope Squads, faith based organizations, and a few other exceptions that we make from time to time like the Alpine Recovery Lodge. 

Many times you want a great speaker to come to speak to your group, but you may have little to no budget. If this is the case, it is not a problem.

If you can invest in some books for your teachers or students, or patients, or leaders, and if you will cover my travel, then I will come and speak to your group without charging any additional fees. 
LDS Groups
If you are an LDS Ward, LDS Stake, or organizing an LDS Youth Conference, Single Adult Conference, or some other LDS themed event, then there is absolutely no charge for you. If you are organizing and holding an LDS Themed event outside of the state of Utah I simply ask that you cover my travel expenses, and I will be happy to come and serve.

If you would like to listen to, or watch some of the LDS Themed talks I give, click on the videos below:

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